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Thursday, March 29, 2012

19th of 20

So March turned into a great referral month for our agency...we moved up from number 22 to 19 in just 10 days! I am hoping this trend continues as we are so anxious to receive a referral. I cannot wait to lay eyes on my baby boy! My heart aches when I think about him being out there and not knowing we are waiting here for him. I will continue to post where we stand on the waiting list each month. My case worker usually sends an update at the end of each month.

We are currently trying to come up with boy names...not to say we will definitely change his birth will all depend. But in the meantime, it sure is fun coming up with names we like! (and also very difficult.) I have so many girl names I love...and very few boy names...

Monday, March 19, 2012

22 out of 23

We MADE it! We are finally officially on the waiting list for an infant boy from Ethiopia!!!! It is a strange feeling to be here has been about a year since we started this journey. We never thought then that it would take us an entire year to get here. God has definitely shown us once again that this life, this journey, is not in our hands but in his. We have learned to be patient, we have made mistakes, we have felt heart broken and frustrated, and we have felt true hope...and are still learning to keep the faith. I know that Andrew and I have become stronger as a couple, and as a family through this all and I hope that this journey continues to bring us even more joy and revelation.

As of now, March 19, 2012, we are number 22 out of 23 on the waiting list. This doesn't mean a whole lot other than that there are 21 families waiting in line ahead of us. However, each family has their own preferences for a child as far as age, gender, and even health specifications. Therefore, the number is just a number. But it is all we have right now so we are wearing 22 proudly and with much anticipation of the numbers before us dwindling. I will keep the blog updated as the numbers go down.:)

SO thankful and SO in love already with a child we have yet to lay eyes on.<3