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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The home study...

So our first meeting with our case worker is May 31. This will be the first meeting of our home study. I don't really know what to expect. I'm not exactly sure what the home study process entails. I am sure we will find all of that out at the end of this month when we meet our case worker.:)

I am hoping that she gets a good impression of who Andrew and I both are and what kind of parents we are. With only 18 months of experience with being parents, I hope we will be able to give her all the information she needs. Because I already have my childcare license, and needed home inspections done for that, I am hoping there isn't too much that needs to be done within our house.

I must admit I am a little nervous about all of this, but I am sure that once we get started, it won't be so bad. The whole idea of a home study just sounds we're being judged...which I guess we are in a way.;) But it's definitely something we're willing to do openly b/c we really feel passionate about this adoption. I am going to try to embrace every piece of the process and just take it all one step at a time.