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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So close I can taste it!

After we resent our immigration request, we received a letter about a week later with our finger printing appointment on it. It was all set for January 3, which is today. Buuut, we went early and although they were not thrilled about it, they took us anyway on December 16. I have been hearing that we should get an approval sometime around mid-January, as this has been the trend over the past few months. Once we hear back from immigration, we will need to get our dossier state sealed. Then we will be ready to send all of our paperwork in! From what I understand, we first need to send it to the Assistant Stork, who then brings the dossier to the Embassy of Ethiopia in Washington D.C. to get authenticated. They will send it back to our agency within about 10 days. Then AAI will be sending it directly to Ethiopia!! (assuming all of our fees are paid) It is at that point that we will finally be a "waiting" family!! We are so excited to be on the wait list! This is when the "real" waiting starts...which is funny considering we feel like we have been waiting since we first decided to adopt and turned in our preliminary application in March of 2011. Once we are officially moved to the wait list, it can be any day that we will recieve a phone call from our case worker that they have a baby for us!!!! We have an estimated wait period of 0-4 months. So it could be any time! We are so ready to hear some good news and be able to share it with our family and friends! Stay tuned!!!!!!